Plating TPU Film

Product Name: Plating TPU Film
  TPU film is an excellent base material with a wide hardness range. It has rich visual effect, strong and soft hand feeling when laminating with metal film. It greatly expands the applications of TPU Film. Plating TPU film is one of the product. Plating TPU film is made of TPU Film and foil which has silver, gold, red, many colors. It is widely used for badges, shoes logo, garment label, handbag etc.
  Regarding to the plating TPU Film characters, It not only has the advantages of TPU film, but also plays a role of foil. It is suitable for high frequency machine welding, and has good tear resistance, abrasion resistance, eco-friendly, recyclable and degradable.
  Electroplating refers to a surface processing method by electrolysis in a solution of salts containing metal, and the plated base metal is used as the cathode, causing the cation in the bath to deposit on the surface of the base metal and forming to the metal surface.
  Electroplating process: generally includes three stages: pretreatment before electroplating, electroplating and post-treatment.


       Plating Electroplating tpu film use scene (vamp)
       tpu film
  Requirements for Plating TPU Film:
  1. Plating layer and the base metal、plating layer and plating layer have adhesion
  2. Plating layer should be crystallization meticulous, smooth, uniform.
  3.Plating layer has specified thickness and minimum porosity.
  4.Plating layer has specified indexes, such as brightness, hardness, conductivity etc

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