Hotmelt TPU Film

  Hot melt TPU Film Characteristics
  ◆ Good strength washable
  ◆ Low operating temperature
  ◆ High adhesion
  ◆ Better feeling
  Hot melt TPU Film advantages:
  1. Hot melt TPU Film is environmentally friendly and has no harmful substances: polymer hot melt adhesive is an environmentally friendly material and has no harmful solvents.
  2. Fast bonding speed: heating and pressing, cooling and sticking.
  3. Normal temperature and no stickiness: The film is solid at room temperature and does not stick to the hand. The film can be sold together with the product for convenient transportation and storage.
  4. Hot melt TPU Film have better bonding properties than other adhesives in some areas.
  5. Temperature, washing resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, flame retardant and other characteristics: can be modified according to customer needs.
  Hot melt TPU Film Technical Parameters
ItemNO.XGHM-1105XGHM-1115XGHM-1125XGHM-1135XGHM-1155XGHM-1165Test Standard
MaterialThermoplastic polyurethane-
Thickness tollrance±mm0.005-
ReleaseGration paperGration paperGration paperGration paperGration paperGration paper-
Soften point(℃)90-10090-100115-12570--90125130-
Melt index(g/10min)2017-228684ASTM D1238-04
Washing resistanceGoodGoodGoodOrdinaryGoodGoodGB/T12490
Dry washing resistanceGoodGoodGoodGoodGoodGood 
Low tempreture resistanceGoodGoodGoodOrdinaryGoodGood 
High tempreture resistanceBadOrdinaryGoodGoodVery GoodVery Good 
Anti-yellowingUV≥5UV≥4UV≥4UV≥5UV≥5UV≥5ASTM D1148
Peel strengthKN/m4058.4260.9151.5262.554.5GB2792-1998
Tensile strengthMpa0. 70006-2004
Shearing strengthMpa0.250.310.280.350.40.5GB/T8165-2008
Endurance strengthMpa0.
Opening hourss865201814ASTM-D4497-1994
Curing times2020101287GB/T 14074-2006
Hot pressing temperature(℃)120-140120-150155145170180-
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