Embossed TPU Film

  The Embossed TPU Film does not contain a plasticizer and does not cause precipitation or chalking problems;
  The product specifications are complete, suitable for high frequency (high frequency) welding, ultrasonic fusing, needle car, mold hot pressing and other methods, the surface can be processed by printing, embossing, electroplating, flocking, etc.; provide customers with more choices;
  It is recommended to use TPU ink for printing, and the surface of TPU film needs to be pretreated;
  Commonly used specifications and in stock for 3 days delivery, no mass production of Embossed TPU Film products require coloring and mold costs; no spot requires minimum order quantity;
  Embossed TPU Film is resistant to abrasion, pull, hydrolysis, high and low temperature, yellowing, mildew and antibacterial
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