Medium Breathable TPU Film

Tpu film model, specifications can be customized according to customer requirements
  The main functions of Medium Breathable TPU Film:
  1: Medium Breathable TPU Film can effectively block moisture, salt and other corrosive liquids, making the sensitive parts of equipment safely leak outside.
  2: When the Medium Breathable TPU Film is exposed to water, oil, etc., it can quickly recover its breathability.
  3: The dense and uniform micropores are distributed in waterproof and breathable, and can effectively block dust.


       Medium Breathable TPU Film Data Sheet
ItemTest MethodUnitMedium BreathabilityMedium BreathabilityMedium Breathability
ColorVISUAL TEST ClearMattMilk White Matt/any colors
Specific GravityASTM D882g/cm31.221.221.25
ElongationASTM D882%>=450>=450>=450
Moisture permeabilityASTM E96 BW2000g/cm2×24hrs3000-60003000-60003000-6000
Water-resistant ATMJIS L1092mmH2O>10000>10000>10000
Tensile StrengthASTM D882MPa40-6040-6040-60
PE bottom liner  YESYESYES
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