low breathable TPU film

Applicable Products
• Garments Home Textile
• Shower Curtains 
• Fabric Lamination 
• Medical Device
• Outdoor Sports Products
  Xingen's Low Breathable TPU Film model and specifications can be customized according to customer requirements
  Low Breathable TPU Film is a new type of waterproof and breathable material. The waterproof and breathable membrane has three functions:
  The waterproof performance of Low Breathable TPU Film: 0.1-1.0 micron micropores, the pore diameter is less than 10,000 times that of water beads, so that moisture can not pass, effectively protecting sensitive parts, avoiding liquid erosion and improving product service life.
  The breathability of the Low Breathable TPU Film: the pore diameter of the micropores is greater than 700 times of water vapor. At the same time of waterproofing, the air is allowed to pass smoothly, which can effectively dissipate heat, prevent fogging of the inner wall of the product, and balance the air pressure inside and outside the space.
  Dustproof performance of Low Breathable TPU Film: The microporous channel forms a network-like three-dimensional structure in the film, and the uniform and dense microporous distribution makes the dust encounter the barrier, achieving an effective dustproof effect and capturing 0.1 micron particles.


Low Breathable TPU Film Data Sheet
ItemTest MethodUnitLowBreathabilityLowBreathabilityLowBreathability
ColorVISUAL TEST ClearMattMilk White Matt/any colors
Specific GravityASTM D882g/cm31.221.221.3
ElongationASTM D882%>=450>=450>=450
Moisture permeabilityASTM E96 BW2000g/cm2×24hrs400-500400-500400-500
Water-resistant ATMJIS L1092mmH2O>10000>10000>10000
Tensile StrengthASTM D882MPa40-6040-6040-60
PE bottom liner  NONONO
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