High Breathable TPU Film

High Breathable TPU Film has excellent high tension, high tensile strength, toughness and aging resistance
  The main function of High Breathable TPU Film
  1: Balance the pressure to prevent air and moisture around the seal from entering the body to protect the seal integrity.
  2: High Breathable TPU Film protects parts from the weather and can withstand the immersion of water and other liquids.
  3: The protected parts are easy to clean, free from corrosive pollutants, and ensure the performance and service life of the parts.
  4: High Breathable TPU Film can protect against UV rays, has strong chemical inertness and is resistant to temperature.
  5: Thin and light, with good concealment, convenient for design and production, ideal for waterproof and breathable


      High Breathable TPU Film Data Sheet
ItemTest MethodUnitHighBreathabilityHigh BreathabilityHigh Breathability
ColorVISUAL TEST ClearMattMilk White Matt/any colors
Specific GravityASTM D882g/cm31.221.221.25
ElongationASTM D882%>=450>=450>=450
Moisture permeabilityASTM E96 BW2000g/cm2×24hrs8000-100008000-100008000-10000
Water-resistant ATMJIS L1092mmH2O>10000>10000>10000
Tensile StrengthASTM D882MPa40-6040-6040-60
PE bottom liner  YESYESYES
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