•High moisture permeability
•No plasticizer, contact with skin friendly
•High temperature resistance, good cold resistance -30℃
•Hydrolysis resistance, acid and alkali resistance
•High water pressure resistance, low wet impedance, wind resistance
•Smooth surface, ultra-thin and soft to the touch
•High tensile strength and elongation
•Resistance to yellowing
TPU Elastic tape for N95 Masks
•Thermoplastic Polyurethane
•High resilience
•Good tensile release
•Suitable for ultrasonic non-woven fabric welding
•High tensile strength and elongation
•Resistance to yellowing
•Used for N95 masks, disposable medical masks
High Breathable TPU Film
High Breathable TPU Film protects parts from the weather and can withstand the immersion of water and other liquids
Medium Breathable TPU Film
Medium Breathable TPU Film can effectively block moisture, salt and other corrosive liquids, making the sensitive parts of equipment safely leak outside
low breathable TPU film
Low Breathable TPU Film is a new type of waterproof and breathable material. The waterproof and breathable membrane has three functions
Plating TPU Film
TPU film is an excellent base material with a wide hardness range. It has rich visual effect, strong and soft hand feeling when laminating with metal film. It greatly expands the applications of TPU Film. Plating TPU film is one of the product. Plating TPU film is made of TPU Film and foil which has silver, gold, red, many colors. It is widely used for badges, shoes logo, garment label, handbag etc
Hotmelt TPU Film
Hot melt TPU Film is environmentally friendly and has no harmful substances: polymer hot melt adhesive is an environmentally friendly material and has no harmful solvents
Embossed TPU Film
The Embossed TPU Film does not contain a plasticizer and does not cause precipitation or chalking problems
• Good Tensile Strength
• Garments
• Good Wear Resistance
• Inflatable Products
• Good Air Tightness
• Fabric Lamination
• Good Oil Resistance
• Outdoor sports products
• Good Transparency
• Smooth Surface
• Easy to Welding
• Suitable for High Frequency Fuse Breaking
• High Yellowing Resistant Anti-Yellow Level
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