About TPU film

Posted on 2020-03-31
TPU film is a functional film with high strength, toughness, cold resistance, oil resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance, environmental protection, non-toxicity, decomposability and other characteristics unmatched by other plastic materials. It also has high waterproof and moisture permeability, wind resistance, It has many excellent functions such as anti-cold, antibacterial, warm, anti-ultraviolet and energy release, etc., and is widely used in various fields.
The TPU film with a thickness of 0.015-0.025mm manufactured by a special process has very good waterproof and moisture permeability properties. By bonding this TPU film with lycra, cotton and other fabrics, it is possible to produce an excellent waterproof and moisture permeability. Functional fabrics are widely used in snow clothing, raincoats, windbreakers, cold protection clothing, field clothing, etc. This TPU film can be divided into three types of high, medium and low moisture permeability, water resistance can reach 10,000mm water column, and moisture permeability can reach 10,000g / m2 / 24h.
With the development of TPU upstream raw materials, especially the development of new aliphatic isocyanates and the maturation of processing technology, TPU films will also find more applications in aircraft, automotive, information technology, new energy, high-end equipment and other fields.
The 3M company in the United States has developed a series of TPU aircraft surface protection films to replace traditional paint protection, greatly shortening the maintenance cycle. The TPU film has the characteristics of wear resistance, puncture resistance, impact resistance, etc., and successfully protected the outer surface of the aircraft from wind, rain, snow, gravel, dust, hail. At present, 3M polyurethane protection tape has passed Boeing , Airbus and other airlines, widely used in Boeing 747, F-16, Apache AH64 and other models.
Similarly, 3M Company has also developed a series of products on the surface protection of automobiles, such as the car surface protective film "rhino hide". The transparent gold cover coating of 3M rhino leather paint protection film is tough and abrasion-resistant, with unique puncture resistance, which can effectively prevent stone impact and foreign body scratches, and has excellent heat and aging resistance. 3M rhino leather TPU protective film can also completely protect your car paint. The long five-year warranty of the paint protection film can ensure that it will not produce cracks, peeling or blistering, will not discolor or yellow under normal use, and will fit perfectly with the body and will not fall off.
In recent years, Bayer has successfully developed a light-resistant TPU film named VISTASOLAR to replace the traditional EVA film, which not only makes the production of solar cells more convenient and faster, but also greatly improves the efficiency of solar cells and solar power generation.
TPU composite material
TPU composite materials have excellent comprehensive properties, mainly including TPU plastic alloys, TPU rubber composite materials, and composites of TPU and inorganic materials.
TPU plastic alloys include TPU / PVC, TPU / ABS, TPU / polyoxymethylene, TPU / PA (nylon), TPU / PC (polycarbonate), and so on. TPU rubber composite materials, such as synthetic materials composed of TPU and various rubbers. There are also composite materials of TPU and glass fiber, glass hollow microspheres, and carbon nanotubes.
At present, TPU-PP glass fiber reinforced rubber-plastic composites and TPU-based TPV dynamic vulcanized thermoplastic elastomers for automotive applications are being developed at home and abroad. This kind of TPU composite material has the advantages of light weight, excellent cost performance, and recyclability. It is expected to be widely used as automotive interior and exterior trims and structural parts. Once the development is successful, the application of TPU in automobiles will increase significantly.
Utilizing the high strength and high load-bearing capacity of TPU elastomers, Goodyear Corporation in the United States has developed a second-generation TPU with the trade name Estaloc. This product retains the characteristics of the first-generation TPUEstaloc, and uses hollow glass balls as filler, which improves the gloss by more than 15%. It can be used to manufacture automobile side panels and shock-absorbing pads. Many of the hydraulic rubber parts for automobiles use TPU materials.
Bayer has developed carbon nanotube / PU elastomer composites, instead of epoxy resin composites, for the manufacture of wind turbine fan blades. The blades have the advantages of lighter weight, stronger strength and stronger power. Wind power generator set operating in harsh environments with high power, high altitude and climatic conditions.
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