TPU film material 3D printed clothing

Posted on 2020-05-06
  TPU film material 3D printed clothing
  Japan introduced a knitted garment made with 3D printing of thermoplastic polyurethane. This costume was named "AMIMONO",
  This garment presents the texture structure of knitting and weaving. From the appearance, it is more like the chain mail vest which is more popular nowadays. In fact, it is not made by stitching together different parts of 3D printing, but by printing and preparing TPU film material as a whole thread. The principle is to combine digital design with woven texture. In other words, this garment is digitally constructed using an algorithm that can generate knitted patterns.
  Whether it sounds complicated or not, it is true. Realizing the woven texture of the garment is quite challenging. It not only needs to incorporate complex composition into the design, but also needs to process the TPU film material as a woven thread. However, it is clear that they have overcome the challenges, and the actual design of the garments produced is novel and refreshing.
  Although this white vest is not as dazzling as other 3D printed clothing that appeared on the catwalk, it is currently one of the most suitable 3D printed clothing. It presents a low-key, simple style. The excellent elasticity of the TPU film material allows it to stretch and contract freely like a sweater. In addition, due to its high durability and rubber-like characteristics, it can even be folded up.
  If it's a 3D printed garment made of TPU film material after it's launched, would you dare to wear it?
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